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The art you see here was inspired by a quote by M.I.T. professor, Max Tegmark, who stated that math is not only the language of the universe but the fabric as well. This comment deeply resonated within me for we see mathematical symmetries and similarities all around us…

Examples include the twisting scaffolds of a nautilus shell. The rosette patterns within a sunflower or cactus. A bolt of lightning that resembles the flow of a twisting river, the capillaries beneath our skin or a lightening bolt across the sky.

All these patterns and processes have been quantified by mathematics and they are called fractals.

With all that in mind I wondered if I could break, blend or even “mate” various fractals together? Subsequently I have reassembled and mashed up fragments of nature into such things as jellyfish, whales, butterflies, braided hair, and more.

If forced to define my “art theory” into a single sentence I would call myself a “Fractalist” and coin my movement Fractalism. Please enjoy.

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