Gayle Donahue

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Artist statement:

I am interested in singular moments of consequence, turning points and their aftermath: the “just then” of life, the wild card, the unexpected. Small moments, seemingly insignificant, yet ultimately relevant, are particularly intriguing to me.

Poetic sources often initiate my process, helping me to define the resonance of a moment - that which is ludicrous, and that which is unbearable. Consider one bird from the lost lands of e.e.cummings, the footloose elegy of Carl Sandburg, the female perspective of the confessional Ann Sexton.

The content of my work struggles with perception, how it changes over time, and how bits and pieces conspire to formulate a sense of what may or may not have really happened.  My surfaces, abstractions, and disparate objects are meant to act like puzzle pieces hinting at something familiar, but not easily read.  I aim to create an atmosphere or “landscape” that is purposefully vague, attempting to explore the vulnerability of cognition and memory, and the unpredictable nature of circumstance.

Virginia Woolf said, “Arrange whatever pieces come your way”.  Unexplainable outcomes, bad luck, spilt milk, the deal-breaker, the “what if”, the epiphany, and the way these things are viewed and remembered, write my imagery. They define my superstitions.

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