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In my 38 years as a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of a formal West Coast art school training: BA (SFSU), MA (CSULA), MFA (USC), two apprenticeships with photographers Al Weber and Ruth Bernhard, and too many photographic workshops and individuals to mention, except for Robbert Flick from USC, who gave me the opportunity to step into the hothouse, learn what questions I should ask and exercise my self-confidence to develop my own solutions.
I was a self-employed, full-time photographer for 26 years until my body broke down and ended all the heavy lifting. I believe I served all of my accounts to the best of my abilities. In case you were wondering, I would say that the most challenging object to photograph is a golf club; just try to render those ebony surfaces and bright metallic highlights at the same time. As for the intimate lives of Kings and Queens, there exists an unspoken agreement that that they must be left unmentioned or un-exploited in anyway. Most of what I have done for people is relational, based upon the interiors they chose to share with me. And as for the corporations and manufacturers who hired me, I was grateful for the opportunity to represent them, to help create the outward public face of their teams and products, and most of all for the love and trust and the steady stream of referrals that fell into my lap, and that I accepted gracefully.
My wife, Anarda, and I have been married for 30 years. She is my muse, and someday I will publish a book of images of her.
Wherever you are in this world, let us continue to work for peace and enlarge our perception of life.
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