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Through my art works, I have tried to express some great extremes in both life and world such as Yin and Yang, organic and inorganic, artificial and natural, and conscious and unconscious aspects. Sometimes, these extremes tend to collide each other in reality.  To express the contrast, the conflict, and even the collision of these extremes, I have used diverse materials such as rectangular tubing or straight lines of wires along with the unique beauty and its symbolic meaning of metal such as copper, bronze, and steel. In the end, their colliding images lead to the synthetic encounter of thesis and antithesis and go beyond life. That is why I have created my artworks ranged from studio art to environmental sculptures, so called micro to macro while pursuing ‘reterritiorialization’.


MFA, California State Long Beach University

BFA, Seoul National University

Solo Exhibitions

6/21~9/7   2018        

                “Inner Space”   
                Thomas Paul Fine Art Gallery
                West Hollywood, CA, USA

2006           “Invitational Solo Exhibition”
                Hak Go Jae, In Sa Dong, Seoul, Korea

2001           “Hap: Synthesis” Invitational Solo Exhibition
                Gallery Q, Tokyo Japan

2000           “Hap: Synthesis” Solo Exhibition
                Long Beach, California, USA


2005         “2005 2nd Mosan International Sculpture Symposium”
                Invited Artist
                Daechon, Chungcheong-Do, Korea

2002         “2002 Busan Biennale” Sculpture Project
                Invitation of 25 artists from 9 different countries
                Permanent Collection at AmNam Sculptural Park, Busan, Korea

Public Installations

2017~        Choeng Ju Project
                Cheong Ju City, Korea

2008           Busan University Hospital,
                Yang San City, Korea

2007           Shin-Chon Railroad Station
                Seoul, Korea

2006           Korea Saerona Hospital
                Kim-Po, Korea

2006           Kim Jong Hak Museum
                Kang Won Do, Korea

2005           Centum City Compound
                Busan, Korea

2005           Mosan Museum
                BoRyung City, Chung-Nam, Korea

2004           AnYang, Dae Lim Apt.
                Kyunggi-Do, Korea

2004           Dae Lim E - Pyun Han Sae Sang
                InDukWon, Kyunggi-Do, Korea

2003           BangBae-Dong, Dae Lim Apt.
                Seoul, Korea

2003           Juwon Corp.
                Seoul, Korea

2002           Amnam Sculptural Park,
                Songdo, Busan, Korea

2002           CheongDam-Dong, Daelim Apartment
                Seoul, Koera

2001           Hanaegi Museum (Director: Itami Jun)
                Tokyo, Japan

Selected Exhibitions

9/28 ~ 10/26   2018

                San Diego City College Gallery
                San Diego, CA, USA

2010           Korean Metal Art and Jewelry Design Today  
                James Renwick Alliance
                Washington D.C., USA
                Sponsor: Seoul Metropolitan Government
                Host: KORUS House, Embassy of the Republic of Korea

2009           Korean Metal Art and Jewelry Design Invitational Exhibition
                Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles, USA

2009           “Talking Hands”
                Spectrum of Contemporary Metal Works
                MOA – Seoul National University Museum
                Seoul, Korea

2008           100 Years Anniversary of Kyung Ki Women High School
                Invitational Exhibition
                Sung Kok Museum
                Seoul, Korea

2004           “Object and Objects”
                Hand and Mind, Ganna Art Place
                Seoul, Korea

2003           “Living Art Fair”
                Invitational Exhibition
                Dioriginal Gallery
                Seoul, Korea

2002           “Seoul Metal Biennale”
                Invitational Exhibition
                Samsung Plaza Gallery
                BunDang, Korea

2000           “Contemporary Korean Metal Arts Invitational”
                3 Year Traveling Exhibition in USA and Canada
                Korean Culture Center
                Los Angeles, CA, USA

2000           “20th Annual Jewelry Show”
                Freehand Gallery
                Los Angeles, CA, USA

1999           “Figurative Talks”
                Sculpture to Wear Gallery, Bergamot Station
                Santa Monica, CA, USA

1999           “7 Visions” Metal Exhibition
                Long Beach, CA, USA

1998           “Outside In” Juried Show
                William Turner Gallery
                Venice, CA, USA

1998           Works Selected by Connie Butler
                Curator, M.O.C.A.

1997           “Out Of Fire” Metal Art Exhibition
                Long Beach, CA, USA

1996           “The 2nd Commemorative Exhibition Honoring Earl Pardon”
                Juried Exhibition (Aaron Favor Gallery)
                New York, NY, USA

2007           Instructor: Dong Eui University

2001- 2007   Instructor: Kyunggi University Graduate School, Korea

2002           Instructor: Sejongi University Graduate School, Korea

1999           Instructor: California Techical College of Gemology
                            Los Angeles, CA, USA

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